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    Pest control without toxic chemicals, poisons, or traps!

    Safe for your family and the environment! Strong and effective enough to be chosen by Food Distributors, Water Companies, Schools, Hotels & thousands of very satisfied families. Now these same Commercial Grade repellers are available to you!

    Pest Repeller Ultimate® AT

    Buy 2 Get a 3rd FREE!

    The only electronic indoor pest repeller to combine Ultrasonic, Electromagnetic and Ionic technologies for unsurpassed pest control. Transform your home or office into a fortress against pests without using dangerous poisons or traps.

    The Guardian™

    After an incredible amount of research, staggering amounts of hours, late nights and hard work, we are proud to finally introduce the all-new Guardian!
    Our most powerful and versatile pest repeller to date, gets rid of pests both inside and out.